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Fixed Dental Bridges

What is a Fixed Bridge?

A fixed bridge is the placement of an artificial tooth in a gap between remaining teeth. The artificial replacement is called a pontic while the adjacent teeth on both sides are called abutments. A pontic is anchored to the abutments. It is fixed and can only be removed by a dentist.

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Why is Fixed Bridge needed?

Fixed Dental Bridges

If for any reason a tooth is removed, you will be left with toothless gums or space. It is essential to fill this space as soon as possible to avoid complications. Restoration of a missing tooth with a fixed bridge is needed to restore function and aesthetics.

If this space is not immediately treated, the teeth surrounding the gap begins to drift or tilt, creating a whole chain reaction of problems like difficulty in biting and jaw joint problems. Also, a tilted tooth hinders future placement of tooth restoration.

If a lower tooth is removed, the opposing tooth (upper, in this case) starts to move down until it is lost as well.

Alternative Treatments

Choose the best treatment for you

There are various types of dental treatments available depending on whether you are restoring teeth, or aiming to make them more aesthetically pleasing, or aiming to straighten them, or all of the above.  Come see the dentist at Milltown dental clinic and we will thoroughly analyse your situation, and suggest the best type of treatment to suit you.

  • Removable partial denture
  • Dental implants

Dental Implants are the best solution for missing teeth.

Advantages of Fixed Dental Bridges


If you are thinking about getting a fixed dental bridge, why not come into our clinic and speak with us today!  We offer a free consultation, whereby you can ask us any questions that you may have.  Some of the Advantages of getting a fixed dental bridge are listed below

  • A dental bridge can enhance your appearance so that there aren’t any gaps in between teeth.
  • Fixed bridges appear like natural teeth.
  • It prevents adjacent teeth from tilting or drifting.
  • It can improve the aesthetic appearance of the adjacent teeth used as abutments.
  • It is fixed, unlike removable partial dentures.

Disadvantages of Fixed Dental Bridges


Some of the disadvantages of getting a fixed dental bridge are listed below. As mentioned, the best long term solution for missing teeth is Dental Implants, this is for numerous reasons.

  • Unlike dental implant, it involves removal of healthy tooth structures to adjacent teeth which increases the risk of decay and endodontic problems to abutments.
  • It doesn’t replace the tooth root; thus stimulation to bone is lost which causes bone regression.
  • It requires meticulous maintenance.
  • Dental bridge eventually needs replacement.

Different Types of Fixed Bridges

Ensure Veneers are the right option for you

Its advised to come and speak with our dental team to ensure you get the best treatment for you.  Each treatment has its pros and cons, and we can help you make the right decision.

Traditional Bridge: It involves replacing a missing tooth in between two natural teeth. A traditional bridge is made of either porcelain fused to metal or all porcelain.

Porcelain fused to metal dental bridge is used to replace a back tooth wherein strength support from metal is needed to resist chewing forces.

All porcelain is necessary in replacing a front tooth wherein aesthetics is important. It doesn’t have a metal that could appear as black line near the gums.

Cantilever Bridge: It is used to replace a missing tooth when there is adjacent tooth on only one side. This type of dental bridge is not recommended to replace a back tooth because it cannot resist chewing forces and is prone to breakage.

Maryland Bonded Bridge: Is commonly used to replace a front tooth. It doesn’t require removal of tooth structures to adjacent teeth. A porcelain tooth is used to fill the gap and is attached using a metal or resin wing bonded to the back of adjacent teeth. The drawback is it cannot be placed as a replacement of the back tooth because it is prone to breakage.

  • review rating 5  I've attended Milltown Dental Clinic for a number of years.  Over this time I"ve had fillings, veneers and an implant and I am very happy with the results.  I have full confidence in Dr Tom Munroe. He is professional and always puts me as ease and explains each procedure in advance.  The clinic itself is excellent and the staff are very friendly. I highly recommend Milltown Dental Clinic and Implant Centre.

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  • review rating 5  I’ve been with Tom for over ten years now. Tom is an excellent dentist from my experience. I’ve had two successful implants and am in the process of having my third and fourth done by Tom. He is a very caring, informative and supportive dentist. After care is also excellent. Highly recommended.

    thumb Michael O'Keeffe
  • review rating 5  Have a phobia of dentists so have attended VERY unregularly throughout my life.. As a result, when I do, lots needs to get done and I’m a nervous wreck.. Attended Milltown clinic recently for the first time and couldn’t have been happier! Dr Munroe was very understanding and was really good putting me at ease. I had to get a good few fillings done and much needed thorough cleaning. Very happy with the results, and the cost was also very reasonable. I definitely won’t wait another few years for a follow up appointment like I used to do 😉

    thumb jayne revell
  • review rating 5  I’ve been attending Tom for over 10 yrs now after a disastrous experience elsewhere. He has transformed my dental care! He is gentle, thorough, careful & up to date, my crowns & implants look fantastic. I can highly recommend him.

    thumb Marie Burns
  • review rating 5  I have had several dental implants and procedures done at Milltown Dental Clinic. As a very nervous patient I found Dr. Munroe put me at ease and explained every step during the procedure. There was very little discomfort. My husband also had dental implants and procedures done at Milltown Dental clinic and he cannot praise Dr. Munroe enough. Staff very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Milltown Dental Clinic. Mary Gough.

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Procedure of getting a Dental Bridge

Fabrication of dental bridge requires two dental visits.

First appointment

During the first appointment, the dentist will numb the gums and the adjacent teeth by administering local anaesthesia. Using dental hand-piece, tooth structures will be removed to reduce the teeth to a certain shape. Removal of tooth structures is needed for placement of crown bridge.

After preparation of adjacent teeth, a mould or impression will be taken and will be sent to the laboratory for fabrication of dental bridge. Then, the dentist will attach a temporary restoration on your teeth until the final bridge is delivered.

Avoid chewing anything very hard or sticky while on temporary bridge.

Second appointment

Once the permanent bridge is fabricated and delivered to our clinic, you will be scheduled for the application procedure. The dentist will remove the temporary bridge and will clean the teeth.  The permanent bridge will be placed briefly prior to attachment to check the fit, bite and shade.  After the dentist confirms proper fit of dental bridge, it will be attached to your teeth using a special dental adhesive.

Aftercare of Dental Bridges

Caring for your dental bridge

Some people have a misconception that a tooth with crown or bridge doesn’t require to be maintained. The dental bridge requires meticulous oral hygiene care to prevent causing problems to adjacent teeth and gums underneath. Proper toothbrushing and flossing should be done regularly. Special floss for dental bridges is used to clean the gap between the pontic and the gums. A water flosser can also be used for easy cleaning of dental bridges.

The dental bridge is made up of very strong material; however, it is still prone to breakage. As a rule, don’t do anything with that could damage a natural tooth. Avoid using your dental bridge in biting or chewing very hard objects or food. Avoid chewing ice –an extreme temperature change greatly increases the risk of porcelain to fracture.

It is also very important to visit the dentist frequently for routine dental checkups and cleanings to diagnose problems at an early stage.

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  • Maryland adhesive bridge
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  • Temporary adhesive bridge

Restorative Treatments

  • Dental Crown
  • EMax cosmetic crowns (front tooth) from
  • White Filling one surface
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  • Large Filling with core
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