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Milltown Dental specialises in providing the people of Dublin and beyond with top quality dental implants at affordable prices.

Thinking of getting dental implants in Dublin?

Choosing to go ahead with dental implants obviously involves dental surgery.

At Milltown Dental Clinic we always ensure that you understand the procedure and what is likely to happen during and after surgery.

Our staff are committed to creating a professional but sympathetic atmosphere in our Dublin dental surgery, so that you can feel totally confident in our ability to carry out all dental surgery to the very highest standards.

What does the procedure involve?

How we perform dental implant surgery depends very much on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone.

However, all of our dental surgery takes places in stages, and there may be several procedures involved.

This is because the bone needs to heal tightly around the implant before the permanent crown can be fixed, and this can take many months to achieve.

Prior to the surgery, you’ll be given a thorough evaluation to prepare you for surgery. This will include:

  • A comprehensive dental examination, including dental X-rays. We’ll also make models of your teeth and mouth.
  • A tailor made treatment plan, which will take a number of factors into account, including the condition of your jawbone and how many teeth are to be replaced.

You will need to advise us if you suffer from any medical conditions or whether you are taking any form of medication. This is especially important as we may need to prescribe antibiotics before surgery to help prevent infection.

We’ll also discuss anaesthesia options for the surgery itself and whether local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia would be best for you.

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Dental Implant Structure
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Dental Implant in 3D


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Dental Implant Surgery is Usually Performed in Stages

  • If your tooth is damaged, it will be removed.
  • Your jawbone is prepared for surgery. This may involve bone grafting if there is not enough bone or if the bone wasn’t healthy enough.
  • Once your jawbone has healed, the dental implant metal post will be placed in your jawbone.
  • This will now be left to heal. This could take several months.
  • Once healed, an extension to the implant metal post, (the abutment) is fitted, onto which is fitted the new artificial tooth (crown).

Do dental implants require special care?

You should treat your new dental implants as though they are natural teeth.

This means that you should practice excellent oral hygiene in order to keep your gum tissue, the implant and the artificial tooth as clean as possible.

You may want to consider using an interdental brush to slide between the teeth to keep the nooks and crannies around the implanted tooth free of debris and plaque.

In addition, you need to keep a regular schedule of dental appointments. Your dentist will advise whether this should be at six monthly or yearly intervals. This will help maintain the health and proper functioning of your dental implants.

Furthermore, you should avoid habits that may damage or break your crowns, such as eating hard sweets or ice.

It’s also beneficial to avoid items that could stain your teeth, such as coffee, wine and tobacco.

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