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Full Arch Dental Implants

A dental implant is a bio-compatible device embedded into the jawbone to replace an extracted tooth. It is a popular and effective way to replace a missing tooth and is designed to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth.

For instance, a dental implant can not only replace one missing tooth but can replace the entire upper or lower jaw. Replacing a whole jaw of missing teeth is called Full Arch Dental Implants.

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What are full arch dental implants?

Replace All your Teeth

An adult has 32 permanent teeth (16 upper teeth and 16 lower teeth) which can be lost due to decay, trauma and gum problems. A full set of dental implants are used to replace all missing upper teeth, lower teeth or both jaws. Each arch does not have to be replaced with 16 implants instead 4-8 dental implants are placed on each arch to replace missing teeth.

What are the options replacing all teeth?

Tooth Replacement Options

Conventionally, missing teeth in upper, lower, or both jaws can be replaced by the following:

  • Removable Full Denture
  • Removable Overdenture
  • All-on-4 Dental implants

Why is it needed?

As we lose one tooth, the bone starts to shrink which progresses as more teeth are lost. Bone loss results in a “sunken face” appearance. Challenges associated with replacing the whole arch with removable dentures are:

  • It requires being replaced after some time because it gets loose.
  • Fear of something getting dislodged out of the mouth.
  • Difficulty in speaking or eating.
  • Painful denture sores as a result of ill-fitting dentures.
  • Removable prostheses are prone to getting lost or breakage.
  • There is decreased sense of taste because a removable partial denture covers a vast amount of mouth tissues (i.e. palate).


1 - Consultation

Once you have decided to have full arch dental implants, your first appointment will be a consultation to discuss treatment options. Our dentist will do a thorough assessment of your previous medical/dental history and jawbone left to check if you are a good candidate for full mouth dental implants.

2 - First Dental Implant Phase

If you are a good candidate for full arch dental implants, you will be scheduled for the first phase of implant placement.

The dentist will start by numbing your gum tissues. For instance, a highly anxious patient will need to have IV Sedation. After administration of local anaesthesia, the dentist/surgeon will do an incision in the gums to expose the bone. Several holes in the bone will be made using a surgical handpiece to make space for dental implants. Each dental implant will be placed in each prepared hole. Finally, the gums will be placed back and stitched to its original place.

The dental implants need to fuse in the bone (usually within three to six months) before proceeding to second phase. But don’t worry, you would not come home toothless – a temporary denture will be provided.

3 - Second Dental Implant Phase

After follow-up appointments confirm integration of dental implants to the bone, you will be scheduled for your second phase. Second phase is the restorative phase wherein a full denture will be anchored to the dental implants.

A connecting device that will hold the denture or the crowns of the teeth is tightened to the implant using a bar or round ball. It is where a denture snaps on and off.

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  • review rating 5  Have been for a clean and had a wisdom tooth removed. Great dentist. Gives you honest opinions without trying to get more money out of you. Procedures are always fairly speedy and it's a very comfortable environment. The reception staff have always gone out of their way to accommodate me.

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  • review rating 5  I got an implant from a Milltown dental. This is a very professional top class operation. I was very happy with the process and outcome. The dentist and staff are good people and easy to get on with. It was also good value as I shopped around. Would recommend.

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  • review rating 5  Milltown dental is a fantastic practice. I have had extensive dental work some of which is ongoing. Tom explained my dental plan in detail, didn’t dwell or dramatize the current state of my teeth but instead offered reassurance on what could be achieved. During surgery it was apparent to me I was in good hands with Tom and Brenda. No discomfort, complex procedure was carried out in no time and the side effects were minimal. I can’t recommend this dental practice high enough for implants or routine dental work.. Good value for money too. Thanks again Maurice Flynn 👍

    thumb mossey flynn

After Effects of Full Arch Dental Implants

Possible Discomfort?

The whole procedure of placing dental implants is not painful at all since you will be under local anaesthesia and/or IV Sedation. Though, a little discomfort is expected after any surgical procedure and can be relieved with painkillers.

Maintenance of a Full Arch Dental Implants

Hygiene is vital

A dental implant has 99% success rate and can last a lifetime with proper care. Dental implants should be taken care off just like natural teeth with proper tooth brushing and flossing. It is recommended to use Chlorhexidine mouthwash to maintain cleanliness of your full arch dental implants. The use of Waterpik irrigator will also help in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the prosthesis.

Also, prevent biting or cracking up very hard food or objects using your dental implants such as meat bone, ice, hard candy or tough bread.

If only one arch is replaced (upper or lower jaw only), make sure to brush and floss the teeth left in the opposite jaw to prevent infection from developing. Good oral hygiene is the key to the success of dental implants.

Lastly, visit the dentist frequently for routine checkups and cleanings. It will be better if the dentist will have a look at your dental implants once in a while to check the condition of dental implants.

End Result of a Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment

A powerful result

As a result of a full arch dental implant, your confidence will be restored. You will be able to smile, eat and communicate more efficiently. And you do not have to think of anything getting out of the mouth.

Lastly, the most advantage of full arch dental implants is bone preservation and stimulation of bone growth. It will prevent you from looking aged or having “sunken appearance” and lessens facial wrinkles too!

Milltown Dental & Implant Centre

We pride ourselves on communicating to our patients in a way which is simple and understandable so that patients can be directly involved in their treatment plans and different treatment options we offer.

— Dr Thomas Munroe

Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implant Pricing

Other Treatments

  • Consultation (X-Rays are €30 if required)
  • Dental Crowns
    from €500
  • Dental Veneers
    from €450
  • Full Denture
    from €500
  • Partial Denture
    from €400
  • EMax cosmetic crowns (front tooth)
    from €650
  • Maryland adhesive bridge
    from €1000
  • Temporary adhesive bridge
  • Full Denture
    from €500
  • Partial Denture
    from €400

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