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Good overall health starts with a healthy oral cavity. According to WHO, there is an increase in evidence that oral health complications can aggravate general health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes and pregnancy problems. Thus, a routine dental check-up is very important to detect problems at its earliest stages.

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Our Aim is to provide a friendly professional environment where you can avail of the best Dental Treatment in Dublin.

— Dr Thomas Munroe
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General Dental Treatments

Routine Dental Check-up

Routine Dental Check-up

A routine dental check-up is done once every four or six months. It is a thorough examination whether you still have teeth or none left and with absence or presence of pain.

Routine dental check-up aims to detect early signs of tooth decay and other dental problems like gum diseases. If the dentist can diagnose a dental problem at its earliest stage, preventive measures and less invasive treatments will be sufficient.
Your dentist and dental hygienist will examine your teeth, gums, and other structures inside the mouth using a mouth mirror or intraoral camera. Radiographs will also be taken to verify depth of tooth decay, condition of bone, and detection of certain oral pathologies. After a thorough examination of your current oral health, your dental hygienist will see you for routine cleaning and polishing of your teeth.

Hygienist Services

Hygienist Services

Dental hygienists are trained professionals who do routine dental care such as cleaning and polishing of teeth, fluoride therapy and assist dentists with dental procedures.


Supragingival cleaning (Teeth Cleaning & Polishing)

Supragingival cleaning, also known as scaling and polishing, removes plaque and calcular deposits above the gums. Your dental hygienist will use an ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments to remove food debris around each tooth and those stuck in between teeth. Afterwards, the hygienist will use a dental paste to brush and polish the teeth.

Subgingival cleaning

Subgingival cleaning is necessary to remove plaque and calcular deposits beneath the gums. Your dental hygienist will use hand instruments to scrape off plaque below the gums which toothbrushes cannot reach. Subgingival cleaning also ends up polishing the teeth using a dental paste.

Fluoride Therapy

Once a year, your dentist and/or dental hygienist will recommend fluoride therapy to promote repair of reversible decay spots. Fluoride has two forms: gel or varnish.

Fluoride gel is placed in a gum tray that fits the upper and lower teeth. It will be sited for a few minutes in the mouth to be effective. Then, the patient will have to spit all the gel and you cannot drink or eat within 30 minutes after the application.

On the other hand, fluoride varnish may also be used. It is applied by brushing the fluoride paste on the surfaces of each tooth. You cannot eat or drink within an hour after application for the fluoride to fully work.

Advantages of Cleaning & Polishing done by Dental Hygienists:

  • Teeth will be clean, especially those areas unreachable by toothbrushes
  • Removal of hard calcular deposits which toothbrushes cannot remove

Mouth Guards & Anti grinding

Hygienist Services

Mouth guards  are used to prevent dental abrasion from teeth grinding, relieve painful symptoms of TMJ disorder and prevent oral injury from physical contact activities.

  • Sports persons may benefit from custom-made mouth guards to protect their teeth from damage during sporting activities.
  • Mouth guards may treat teeth grinding or bruxism conditions where tooth contact wears down and exposes the dentin.
  • Night mouth guards are designed to be worn during sleep when teeth grinding occurs, or may be worn during the day to prevent the habit if caused by anxiety.
  • Mouth guards are also used to treat individuals with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Individuals with TMJ experience jaw pain that may extend to the face, head and neck. The pain is caused by overexertion of connecting muscles.

  • review rating 5  I got an implant from a Milltown dental. This is a very professional top class operation. I was very happy with the process and outcome. The dentist and staff are good people and easy to get on with. It was also good value as I shopped around. Would recommend.

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  • review rating 5  I cannot recommend Milltown Dental Clinic or Dr Munroe enough. The staff are friendly and professional. I do not like going to the Dentist but Dr Munroe put me at ease straight away. Highly recommend this practice.

    thumb Fiona Deane
  • review rating 5  Milltown dental is a fantastic practice. I have had extensive dental work some of which is ongoing. Tom explained my dental plan in detail, didn’t dwell or dramatize the current state of my teeth but instead offered reassurance on what could be achieved. During surgery it was apparent to me I was in good hands with Tom and Brenda. No discomfort, complex procedure was carried out in no time and the side effects were minimal. I can’t recommend this dental practice high enough for implants or routine dental work.. Good value for money too. Thanks again Maurice Flynn 👍

    thumb mossey flynn
  • review rating 5  I needed an urgent x-ray and Milltown dental and implant centre tried their best to squeeze me in at short notice. I also found them very professional and attentive. I would recommend them to all.

    thumb miriam lynch
  • review rating 5  Excellent service from this clinic from start to finish. Delighted with the outcome. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Laura Mulcahy

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

Occasionally, periodontal treatment (surgical root planning) by a periodontist will be required in cases wherein hygienist treatments aren’t satisfactory.

Why do I need periodontal treatment?

  • If your dentist diagnosed deep “pockets” between your gums and teeth
  • If your gums are severely inflamed or swollen
  • If you are diagnosed with severe periodontal disease: gingivitis or periodontitis

According to WHO, as of 2016 severe periodontal (gum) disease is found in 5–20% of middle-aged (35–44 years) adults in Europe, and up to 40% of older people (65–74 years).

Surgical Root Planing starts by numbing your gum tissue first. Then, folding back your gums and removing the debris underneath. Your dentist will then secure the gum tissue back by with stitches. The periodontist will do Surgical Root Planing by parts or with the affected tooth only.

Advantages of Surgical Root Planing:

  • Thorough cleaning of tooth and root
  • Prevents bone recession which can make the tooth mobile
  • Extensively removes bacteria underneath the gums which is unreachable by toothbrush

Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal

Teeth Whitening

Permanent teeth started to be almost white to light yellow after its eruption. After some time, the teeth became yellowish and even greyish due to ageing. But stains can also be due to food, beverages, and cigarette smoking.

After teeth cleaning, if there are stains on the teeth, the dental hygienist will advise stain removal using a jet cleaner or sandblaster. Jet cleaner removes surface stains by spraying high-pressured water with cleaning powder. It removes stains caused by drinking wine, heavily-coloured food, and nicotine stains from smoking cigarettes.

If stain removal through sandblaster is inadequate, your dentist will recommend you to undergo professional teeth whitening. The dentist will apply whitening gel onto the teeth and leave it under a light-activator equipment for a few minutes. It requires re-treatment every 4-6 weeks until desired shade is attained.

Advantages of Stain Removal & Professional Teeth Whitening:

  • Whiter teeth that will make you more confident to smile
  • Treatment of tooth discolourations

Milltown Dental & Implant Centre

We pride ourselves on communicating to our patients in a way which is simple and understandable so that patients can be directly involved in their treatment plans and different treatment options we offer.

— Dr Thomas Munroe

General Dentistry pricing

General Dental Treatments

  • Simple X-ray
  • OPG full mouth scan
  • Dental exam including X-rays
  • Scale and polish including exam (PRSI)
  • Private scale and polish with exam
  • Periodontal root planing per arch
    from €90

General Dental Treatments

  • Soft night guard for grinding
  • Michigan hard splint
  • Orthodontic retainer
  • Extraction
    from €130
  • Surgical Extraction
    from €90
  • Home whitening with lab trays
    from €120

Restorative Treatments

  • White Filling one surface
  • White Filling two surface
  • Large Filling with core
  • Scale and polish including exam (PRSI)
  • Root canal front tooth
    from €300
  • Root canal premolars
    from €400

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