7566653 - healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror
12230664 - panoramic dental xray
46737653 - dental crown, implant and teeth, 3d image.

Treatment Price List

Dental exam including X-rays €35 free if PRSI
Emergency appointment including exam and prescription and X-ray €50
Implant consultation (X-Rays are €30 if required) Free
Scale and polish including exam (PRSI) €60
Private scale and polish with exam €80
Home whitening with lab trays €120
Crowns from €500
EMax cosmetic crowns (front tooth) from €650
Veneers from €450
Root canal front tooth from €300
Root canal premolars from €400
Periodontal root planing per arch €90
Soft night guard for grinding €120
Michigan hard splint €490
Implant surgery from €900
Implant crown and abutment from €650
Bone grafting and membrane from €300
Orthodontic retainer €100
Filling one surface €80 composite
Filling two surface €100 composite
Large filling with core from €140
Extraction from €90
Extraction surgical from €130
OPG full mouth scan €30
Maryland adhesive bridge from €1000
Partial denture from €400
Full denture from €500
Temporary adhesive bridge €450
Simple X-ray €20