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Dental Phobia and Sedation

Nervous about the Dentist? What is Dental Phobia?

According to nationalsmilemonth.org, almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist, and 12% of these suffers from extreme dental anxiety. Dental phobia is the fear of dentistry, dentist and or receiving any dental treatment. On the other hand, dental anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness when it’s time for dental appointments.

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Causes of Dental Phobia

Possible causes of fear

There are many possible reasons why you may fear the dentist, a lot of these are quite personal.  A lot of the reasons may be based on inaccurate views and impressions of what the dental visit or treatment will be like.  The main thing is, we are here to help, and offer a solution for those who are genuinely nervous about the dentist.

  • Dental phobia is often caused by having a previous traumatic dental experience. This may be because they had their early dental appointments before many advances in the “pain-free” dentistry happened.
  • Someone might fear dental procedures due to frightening dental experiences told by a family, friend or relative.  Most of these may be exaggerated as a visit to the dentist can be an enjoyable one.
  • The sense of embarrassment may be a cause of dental phobia. For some, the mouth is a private part of the body which make them feel ashamed or embarrassed when a stranger looks inside. They might be covering an illness or dental problem that they don’t want others to know.
  • “Fear of the unknown”. Some people, especially children, are terrified whenever something unfamiliar will be performed or placed inside their mouth.

How it affects children and adults?

Nervous about the dentist

Most people who have dental phobia don’t visit their dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Often, they suffer from poor oral hygiene and even lower life expectancy because of this. As we all know, poor oral health affects the overall health of a person. An infection can spread to other parts of the body and cause medical problems such as heart diseases.

Children with a dental phobia may suffer dental diseases that can affect the development of the permanent teeth.

It is OK to be nervous, but leaving your dental hygiene levels drop is not, at Milltown Dental Clinic, we have a trained team here in Dublin to treat nervous dental patients.

Signs & Symptoms

Am I a nervous Dental Patient?

People who are not nervous about Dental treatments will never full understand the feeling of fear and the level of stress that a nervous patient feels.  Its important to identify if you are indeed a nervous patient, and attend a Dental Specialised in treating nervous patients such as Milltown Dental Clinic.  Do you identify with the following?

  • You feel tense and can’t sleep the night before the dental appointment.
  • You are extremely nervous while you’re in the waiting area.
  • You feel like crying or will break down upon seeing dental instruments and dentists.
  • You feel nauseous.
  • Difficulty in breathing and excessive sweating while seated in a dental chair.

Ways you can overcome dental phobia

There is hope

At Milltown Dental here in Dublin, we are here to help you overcome your dental phobia and with your dental concerns. We aim to make every dental procedure pain-free for you and for your child with our sedation options.  Here are some alternative methods of dealing with dental nerves:

  • Talk to your dentist about your dental phobia. We will be glad to discuss your treatment options and help you overcome your fear.
  • Try relaxation techniques like breathing exercises or listening to music during a dental appointment.
  • If your child has dental phobia, condition him/her at home before coming for a dental appointment. Parents can try to incorporate dental procedures in their playtime like role-playing as a dentist and patient.
  • As a parent, do not project any dental phobia or negative dental views to your child.

Local anaesthesia numbs the gums and teeth to be treated but does not let you sleep or settle down. Dental sedation is a method to make you at ease prior to and during the dental treatment.

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Types of dental sedation

Options for Sedation

Laughing Gas is the most common dental sedation used in dental offices. This type of dental sedation is often given to children. It is also called as inhalation anaesthesia wherein a mask is placed in your nose to inhale the gas. Inhaling laughing gas doesn’t make you sleep but makes you relatively relaxed and anxious-free.

During inhalation of laughing gas, most patients report that there is reduced discomfort during the administration of local anaesthesia to the gums.

Enteral Sedation is given in the form of a pill or liquid that you take through the mouth. It makes you relax, but not asleep.

General Anaesthesia is a type of dental sedation wherein you are asleep during the entire procedure. The sedative is injected directly into the vein and can be used in conjunction with laughing gas. Recovery time is needed before you can leave the dental office.

What to expect

Come to Milltown Dental and see

Patients under dental sedation are calmer during dental procedures. Also, the dentist will be able to perform dental procedures more efficiently.

And as you slowly overcome your dental fears, we will be able to do planned treatment for your dental needs more effectively.

As for the children, we will have their dental appointments pain-free to make them more cooperative with the succeeding dental treatments.

As a final point, a good oral hygiene is expected to be an outcome of a patient who fearlessly undergoes dental procedures needed to improve their smile!

4% of people worldwide have Dental Phobia

  • 4% of people worldwide have Dental Phobia
  • Do not

In Ireland only just over half the population attend a dentist on a regular basis, and of those 60% will feel anxiety or nervousness to some degree

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